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Wily Technologies provides an ON-Demand Online/Offline Training for the professionals who wish to have training on their desk, thus saving the time and energy.  Wily's Certified industry expert Instructors conduct the live trainings where you can ask questions to seek realtime solutions.

You probably have big plans to learn Design Softwares, gain new skills, and become a better industrial designer. You likely want to spend a couple of days attending a training course with a Design expert to learn new techniques and get your questions answered. However you probably can’t make it out to your local training provider for a number of reasons, the most common of which are listed below:


  • I’m too busy at work and I don't get time to spend entire days in a training class to learn 3D Softwares.

  • I need to be in the office to deal with on going concerns, it’s tough to be off site at a training facility.

  • Training facility isn't convenient location for me.

  • I want to learn on my own machine, in my own office, or even better from home!

  • My local training provider/College does not have enough resource available?


Wily's Online LIVE Training!


We understand all of the problems why it’s difficult to attend a training course which is why we offer an alternative for busy industrial design users, it’s called WOLT, Wily Online Live Training. If you are unable to leave the office to take a training course then we can bring the classroom to you for a short period of time during your work day.


For just a few hours a day you can take the same certified Mechanical CAD class over the web. It is exactly the same experience as a classroom based course but with a more convenient delivery that will allow you to learn Softwares from your office or home, without disrupting your entire work day!

Training is delivered via a live interactive learning environment where you can ask questions, get immediate answers from the instructor, and learn hands-on with exercise files.

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Training that reduces work day disruption

It’s convenient and allows for little disruption to your working day. Live online training courses are only 4 hours per day and can be customized further

Live online instruction from certified elite trainers

Certified Instructors pass on their experience and provide best practices and tips

More effective than video based training

With recorded videos customers are often not as focused on the training and skip exercises; plus with live online training the instructor is available to provide help and answer your questions

Active Peer & Tutor Support

Seek help by virtually raising your hand via the online training system, and privately chat with the instructor

Experiential Learning

You get plenty of time to try out the exercises and learn by using your practice software. Awesome material helps you get excel in no-time


Just like our regular classroom based training courses you earn a certificate when you have completed a course. Upgrading your profile and make you industry ready