Product Design & Development Services


  • Quality and Money are the two factors we consider during projects with respect to time. We help you get your product to market faster and cheaper. Conceptual ideas can be easily  digitized and converted into models.
  • Or an existing product can be digitized and then changes can be done with the resulting surface/solid model. Our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals delivers the ultimate in quality to build the most complex digital models in the shortest amount of time possible. Designing is done in the most popular CAD systems being used in the industry. We support all the major file formats acceptable in the industry today.
  • Our past projects have included Machine design, Process equipment design, automotive and aerospace parts, consumer objects, Tool and Die, as well as toys and entertainment products. We guarantee seamless integration of our data into your software systems, be it a solid modeling or a surface modeling project.



CAD models and drawings are the universal currency of ideas and are the industry standard for any kind of manufacturing. How else are you going to communicate your specifications to a manufacturer? We treat your CAD models with utmost care, making sure they are as accurate as possible, for we know that within them could contain the next big idea that could mean everything to you and your company.

With a CAD model you can: 

  • Analyze your design for strengths and weaknesses

  • Create fluency in coordination between vendors/customers.

  • Shop around for quotes to get the best price

  • Analyze a competitor’s product

  • Create prototypes using 3D printing

  • Get your part cut on a waterjet or laser machine

  • Machine your part out of metal using a CNC late or mill

  • Make a change to improve a part

  • Ensure two parts/assemblies fit together properly.

  • Calculate volume, surface area or weight

  • Create realistic 3D visualizations for branding

  • Simulate different modes of failure

  • Benefits are endless!!



If it is a mobile component or assembly, we can bring it to our equiped facility to use the best resources for modeling. If available at factory and you want us to visit, we have people ready and willing to come onsite and safely perform the analysis. But that isn’t the only way. We can create a 3D CAD model from your 2D drawing as well. There may be other ways but those are the main two.





Most small projects can be completed in 3-5 days. Even models with moderate complexity can usually be turned around in 5-7 business days. Highly complex or extensive models may require multiple weeks, but we have the resources and the know how to tackle projects of any size. 


                                        PEOPLE YOU CAN CONSULT FOR LONG-TERM SUPPORT


  • There are many choices to make that will help you get the most out of your money spent for 3D CAD services.

  • Accuracy can be manupulated. If high accuracy is not required, we can often create the part in less time, saving you money.

  • Maintaining the optimum features leading to save in time and cost. 

  • We make sure that you receive one that is compatible with your workflow. We can provide a test file in advance if there are any doubts.

  • All parts have manufacturing defects and errors. The output can be ensured as the original designer intended or the eoors can be neglected if it's just for the illustration purpose.

  • Software specific format with feature tree and history can also be defined based on the plan. 

  • For the need of 2D CAD drawings with dimensions it's a low-cost add-on to 3D modeling in most cases. 

  • Based on your requirements, we can recommend the best CAD modeling approach to achieve your goals in an economical way.

  • If you are able to do your own CAD work and just need a little help or an initial push, we can do as much or as little as you need and would be more than happy to support you to finish.